Are you noticing that there are multiple issues with your tile roof? Suppose you have multiple leaks, poor air circulation in your attic, and cracked, damaged, or even missing tiles in multiple locations. In that case, you’re probably facing one of the most challenging questions a homeowner will ever face: is it time to completely replace my tile roof, or can I repair it and keep it going for a bit longer?

Let’s face it: replacing your tile roof is a significant expense few people look forward to incurring—a new tile roof costs thousands of dollars, which many people need to have lying around. So, logically, you want to get the most out of the tile roof that’s already over your head before replacing it entirely. But how do you know when to make the leap and get a total replacement? To assist you in making that decision, here are a few questions you can ask about your tile roof and what they say about whether you should replace or repair it.


Age of the Tile Roof

The first and most important consideration in deciding whether to repair or replace your tile roof is its age. If your tile roof is still within its normal average service life, you can repair it, especially if the issues aren’t seriously jeopardizing the integrity of your tile roof. In general, the average service life of your tile roof is determined by the material used to construct it—clay or concrete tiles can typically last 20 to 30 years and potentially even longer if well-maintained and minor problems are not allowed to grow.

That said, just because your tile roof is nearing the end of its expected service life doesn’t mean you can always repair the problems you’re experiencing. Tile roofs that receive little to no attention, are not repaired promptly when problems arise, and are generally neglected for the duration of their life spans are far less likely to reach their full potential and will require replacement sooner. In other words, consider how old your tile roof is and what kind of repairs and maintenance work you have done on it in the past. If your tile roof has been well-maintained and is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, you may be able to repair it again; however, if your tile roof has received little to no attention, you may not be able to.


The Visible Condition

A quick tile roof inspection will tell you whether you should consider replacing or repairing it. First, take a quick look from the outside, which is usually possible from the curb directly in front of your house. Do you notice any cracked, badly damaged, or even missing tiles? These are symptoms of a serious flaw in your tile roof that could jeopardize the materials beneath. If you have this type of damage in multiple places, you should replace your tile roof, especially if these areas have been exposed for several months and have seen rainfall.

Look at your attic if you don’t see any signs of severe damage. You most likely leak if you notice any wet spots or areas where water has leaked since the last rainfall. One or two leaks aren’t always a sign that you need to replace your entire tile roof, but multiple leaks in critical areas can be disastrous. Pay close attention to areas that appear to be constantly wet, as these could be areas where mold colonies have taken root and begun to spread. These areas are typically the result of large leaks that will necessitate extensive repair work. Larger mold colonies usually indicate that your tile roof needs to be replaced, especially if you notice areas where sunlight is pouring in from the outside.


Plans for the Future

One more thing to consider when deciding whether or not to replace your tile roof is whether or not you plan to sell your home soon. Potential homebuyers will be concerned about the condition of your tile roof, and nothing kills a deal or drives away interested buyers faster than discovering that the tile roof over a home requires extensive repair or replacement. Even if the home is priced extremely low and well-positioned, it will be complicated to sell if the tile roof is in poor condition.

However, investing in a tile roof replacement or major repairs can increase the value of your home and generate more interest from potential buyers. A new or recently repaired tile roof is a huge plus for potential buyers and usually draws many more people to look at your home and see if it’s right for them. If you intend to sell your home fast, repairing or replacing your tile roof can generate more interest and fetch you a higher price.


Final Thoughts

Whether or not you should replace your tiled roof depends on the age of your roof, the amount of damage it has sustained, and your plans for the future. If your tile roof is older than its expected lifespan and shows signs of significant wear and tear, it may be time to consider a replacement. However, if your tile roof is still in good condition, investing in repairs or maintenance work can help keep it in good shape and increase the value of your home. If you need to replace or repair your tile roof, Care Roofing Inc can provide you with experienced professionals to ensure the job is done correctly. So don’t wait—contact Care Roofing Inc today and get your tile roof in top condition.

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