Lakebed Sunfair is a picturesque neighborhood located in Joshua Tree, California. Known for its stunning rock formations and rugged views of the Mojave Desert, this neighborhood is perfect for those seeking a peaceful and secluded getaway from it all. With plenty of hiking trails nearby, you can immerse yourself in nature and take in the beauty of the area. Home to sprawling cactus gardens and vast open spaces, Lakebed Sunfair offers a unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or simply want to slip away from everyday life for a while, this small desert community provides something special for everyone.


Lakebed Sunfair is a comparatively small neighborhood of 800 residents. The population of Sunfair is diverse—about 80 percent identify as White or Caucasian, ten percent come from some form of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, two percent are African American and two to three percent are Asian. Its large retiree population makes it unique, with almost a quarter of its residents over the age of 65 compared to the 4 percent average across California. Beyond that, approximately 6 out of every 10 households make at least $75,000 per year; also significantly above the state’s 5 out every 10 average. Lastly, with almost 15% married couples living together and another 11% being single parent households; plus 8% non-family households, Lakebed Sunfair is definitely its own vibrant mini-community.


Education in Lakebed Sunfair, Neighborhood is of high quality and importance. The elementary school, Wilcox Lower Elementary School, located in the neighborhood offers a variety of extracurricular activities including music lessons, foreign language studies and sports. The county public school serves grades K-8 with students in each grade taught by dedicated teachers and staff members who strive to ensure that each student fulfills their potential. There are also private educational facilities offering specific off-campus education courses like advanced placement courses for high achievers and opportunities for college credit. Private dance classes and tutoring in reading and math are both popular options chosen by local parents. Additionally, there is an abundance of libraries both within the district as well as nearby providing children access to books and research materials needed for projects at all academic levels. Education in Lakebed Sunfair continues to be an area of strength throughout the entire region.


Lakebed Sunfair is one of the most noteworthy attractions. This neighborhood lies just south of a dry lake bed, giving it its unique name. Here you’ll find towering cacti and desert plants growing freely along dirt paths winding through this area. It’s become a popular spot for tourists looking to explore the diverse landscape that Southern California has to offer. Visitors can take pictures of the idyllic scenery while they are here, as well as visit art galleries and boutiques or enjoy some delicious local cuisine. For those wanting a bit more adventure, Lakebed Sunfair is also home to rock-climbing areas and equestrian trails with panoramic views across the valley. Whether you’re coming here to take photos or simply relax in nature’s beauty, there’s something for everyone in this charming corner!

Overall, Lakebed Sunfair is an excellent place to live, providing easy access to the Mojave Desert Preserve and its breathtaking views. Homes in Lakebed Sunfair are community-oriented and offer residents plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking trails nearby or visiting the local park for some fun in the sun. Shopping malls, schools, and other essential utilities are positioned within an easy drive from each property location. For those who want to explore more of the area, Lakebed Sunfair is conveniently close to attractions like Red Rocks Canyon or Palm Springs. Overall, this small yet vibrant spot in California provides something for everyone.


In addition, if you’re looking for a unique desert experience, look no further than Aberdeen Dr. This residential street offers incredible sweeping views of the surrounding rocky landscape, providing plenty of places to explore and breathtaking vistas. From admiring the majestic that grow here to visiting one of the nearby national parks, there is something for everyone! With great local amenities, like coffee shops and grocery stores nearby, it’s perfect for those looking to have both an adventurous getaway and comfortable living experience.

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