Located in Joshua Tree, CA, Bartlett Mountain Range provides plenty of outdoor activities for locals and visitors alike. This serene mountain range offers unbeatable views of the surrounding desert landscape, making it an ideal spot for sunrise or sunset hikes. The area also features a variety of caves to explore and different types of wildlife, making it truly a hidden gem. Along the winding roads lie several neighborhoods with each containing its own unique appeal such as exclusive golf courses, pool clubs, and country clubs. With such an abundance of attractions within this mountainous neighborhood, there’s something to do for everyone in Bartlett Mountain Range.


The demographics of the Bartlett Mountain Range are a mostly rural affair rooted in small town values. According to recent statistics from the US Census Bureau, over 63% of residents own their homes with an average estimated home value of $245,660. Most families report having 2 or more members living here, who work in industries ranging from construction and farming to government services and retail. Additionally, the median household income hovers around $52,250 and educational attainment rates are relatively high. In fact, 18% of adults living here have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Overall this is a close-knit community that is proud of its hardworking roots and stability.


Education in the Bartlett Mountain Range is provided through the Morongo Unified School District. This district is ranked among the top 15 out of 32 school districts in San Bernardino County. Furthermore, it is one of the few districts with a five-star rating by GreatSchools.org and earned a spot on K12 Magazine’s Top School District list. The schools within this district offer robust Learning Centers and robotics classes as well as traditional core curriculum such as Math, Science, English Language Arts and Social Studies. Bartlett Mountain Range also offers its students access to before-and after-school programs and advanced placement courses that prepare students for college and career paths post graduation. It is clear that this neighborhood, with its quality education resources available to all students, provides a great foundation for success from primary all the way up to post secondary levels.


People come from near and far to experience the beauty of Bartlett Mountain Range. With its vast deserts, breathtaking views and recreational activities, Bartlett Mountain Range is a great destination for anyone looking to admire nature or enjoy a fun-filled vacation. Visitors can partake in multiple outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, biking and zip lining—just to name a few. Not only does Bartlett Mountain Range offer its gorgeous sights and boundless opportunity for adventure; it also offers visitors access to many stores, restaurants and parks scattered throughout the vicinity. So whatever your jam may be—from thrilling experiences or simply taking in the scenery—Bartlett Mountain Range has something special that awaits you!

Overall, Bartlett Mountain Range is a breathtakingly beautiful neighborhood that combines unique desert landscapes with modern comforts. Here, residents can take in stunning night skies filled with vibrant stars and indulging in the luxury of their own home decked out with modern amenities. The neighborhood offers an exciting mix of attractions such as its own hiking trails, ample outdoor activities, BBQ spots, and a skate park – making it a radically fun place to live. Overall, Bartlett Mountain Range is one of the most picturesque locations in all of Southern California that promises a full-of-life experience.


In addition, if you’re looking for a unique and charming place to call home, Copper Mountain Mesa may be the perfect choice. This scenic neighborhood is located beneath the majestic San Jacinto Mountains and the Big Horns, with classic desert beauty enveloping this small community. With a median home value of $477,352 and 98% of homes being owner-occupied, it’s clear this is an in-demand location for those seeking peace and natural beauty away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you’re ready to get out of town while still remaining close to amenities like schools, shopping centers, nightlife options, and more then it’s worth considering taking up residence in Copper Mountain Mesa.

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