Copper Mountain Mesa, a desert neighborhood in Joshua Tree, California, is often considered one of the most unique environments out there. It features stunning desert panoramas and vivid star-filled night skies that bring out the true beauty of the area. This perfect blend of land and sky transforms Copper Mountain Mesa on many levels – during the day it is hot and sunny but at night its wind can chill you to your core. It’s not uncommon to spot roadrunners or other wild animals while walking around this neighborhood, adding to its allure as an ideal place to get away from it all. Visitors highly recommend heading to Copper Mountain Mesa if they are looking for outdoor adventures or just some peace and quiet to enjoy nature best.


According to data compiled by the Census Bureau, Copper Mountain Mesa has a population of approximately 958 people and a median age of 43.4. The area features a racially diverse population with 29% identifying as White or Caucasian, 27% Hispanic, 22% African-American, 14% Asian and 7% other ethnicities/multiracial groups. It also has a higher median income at $52,645 than the national average. Additionally, there is an even distribution between those employed full time (53%) and those employed part time (47%). In sum, Copper Mountain Mesa is a unique community featuring an ethnically diverse population split evenly between part-time and full-time workers and with comparatively higher incomes.


Copper Mountain Mesa is home to a lively educational system. From elementary schools to high schools, all within a few minutes of each other, residents of the neighborhood have access to the enriching academic opportunities they need. Whether students are looking for traditional curricula or other engaging activities such as drama, speech and debate, music or art classes– there is something for everyone in this developing community. Each school also offers numerous extra-curriculars ranging from sports and clubs to leadership groups, providing inclusive experiences that foster lasting relationships. With a program that emphasizes academic excellence and social responsibility, Copper Mountain Mesa’s educational approach sets it apart from other neighborhoods in the area.


Copper Mountain Mesa is a stunning neighborhood that offers its visitors a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of this historic region. From the mountain views to the desert landscape and vibrant wildlife, there is no shortage of awe-inspiring sights here. The area also boasts several museums, art galleries, and restaurants for those who want to enjoy the local culture. Furthermore, if you are an outdoors enthusiast, Copper Mountain Mesa abounds with many opportunities for hiking, biking and off-roading through the pristine desert terrain. With so many options available for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike, this breathtaking neighborhood is sure to make your visit truly memorable!

Overall Copper Mountain Mesa is an exciting and calming neighborhood. From the quiet streets of rolling hillsides to majestic boulders rising from the desert floor, it’s a unique place to live that offers plenty to explore both indoors and out. Residents here enjoy breathtaking views and easy access to hiking trails, cultural attractions, restaurants and shopping. Copper Mountain Mesa is a great choice for those who appreciate the beautiful landscape of this area as well as easy access to modern conveniences. Overall it is a desirable place to live or visit at any time of year!


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